Competent web development for a successful launch. Many startups rely on our precise and technically competent way of working to launch a successful product. We are happy to support you in the planning, implementation and marketing of your web project!

Your Innovative Web Developement Agency

Web development is no longer just simple code. Classic programming agencies without marketing affinity are no longer viable. The demands on technology have increased: the landscape and the technologies in the area of ​​web development are changing faster than ever. What was touted as "must have" in the front-end area last year is already considered "no go" today. We'll help you navigate the jungle of web technologies, look through the masks and facades of technology developers, and develop a sustainable strategy that will continue to work in 5 years' time.

Strategic planning and modern project management, the marketing concept for your digital project, as well as the graphical implementation are as critical for your business success as the technical functionality, security and compatibility on different mobile devices. You can learn from us and benefit from our experience we have collected over decades. Draw on the experience of hundreds of successful projects that we have been able to implement for our customers and save yourself critical mistakes and expensive training.

Innovation in capturing your specification: UI prototyping as part of the specification

In the individual web development, it is essential to create a written, detailed specification that is clearly understandable to all participants in the project. It should be sufficiently technically detailed to give the developers a clear goal, but also not to lose sight of the strategic bird's eye view for marketing and management. After all, everyone should pull together.

Over the years, we have developed our own, innovative method to capture customer requirements quickly, efficiently, precisely and above all flexibly. From day one, we start your project visually, through sketching or wireframing. The interface is the focus here. So from day one, you have full control over the look and feel of your web application. During this time, you can always easily and inexpensively make changes that are implemented within hours. The cost of the same approach after the start of development would be many times higher.

The unique advantage of this is that misunderstandings and contradictions in the specification, which occur sooner or later in each project, are eliminated in the planning phase to a large extent. While most agencies interpret the specifications themselves and implement changes after the start of development expensive and with deferred deadline, we focus on developing the basis for the interface directly with you and we strive to solve all the rough problems cheap and in an efficient way, even before the first line of code was written.

The wireframes usually also result in the desired functions and the design of the database, which leads to a saving of time in project planning.

Webdesign & Front-end Development

Once the specification and the wireframes have been created, you can start with the graphic design of your web project, as well as the frontend development. Since we have already defined in detail all the important requirements for the design in the specification phase, we can now focus on the UX and the branding. At this time usually the very last changes to the functionality are introduced, because at this point one can still consider small change requests with relatively little effort.

The web design is created individually for you, based on your existing brand or the requirements for the development of a completely new brand. Our marketing know-how not only makes your frontend look great and work on all devices and browsers, but it also converts well and ensures high visibility in Google. Do you already have a specific technology that you want to work with? Our frontend experts have know-how in a wide range of modern web technologies. No matter if native Javascript, Angular, Node.js, Vue.js or any other technology of your choice, chances are that we already have experience in it and that we can show you interesting reference projects.

Backend development: data structure and technology choice

Do you really need a flat database? Do you need to worry about Memory Leaks? Our experienced senior backend programmers design your scalable backend for your future growth.

The choice of the right technology is also crucial for server-side programming and system architecture. We advise you on the different options and help you make the right decision. The backend structure is a critical part of your application and we are proud to have a strong focus here. Once set up properly, the right system architecture allows you to grow sustainably without having to relaunch your project every 2 years or having to struggle with performance issues. The backend is the heart of your system - the better it's designed, the longer the lifetime of your application, and the less you'll have to spend in the future to maintain and grow your system.

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