More advertising performance with constant costs: We show you how it works! We optimize your Quality Score and allow you to lower CPCs while maintaining or reaching even better ranking! We would like to introduce you to our unique methodology.

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As a certified Google Ads agency (Google Partners), we've already helped many businesses to successfully promote their ads on the Google Search Network, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. We are the right AdWords agency for you, if you value personal and individual care. We are careful with your budget and find creative solutions to permanently reduce your costs and improve results even in highly competitive markets.

We are happy to evaluate your Google Ads account as part of a free initial consultation and give you non-binding suggestions for improvement, with which you can save money today.

Our innovative approach is unique on the European market and we would be happy to share our learnings and our formula for success in a personal conversation with you!

Quality Score - the alpha and omega of Google Ads optimization

Switching to Google Ads is amazingly easy. And yet, the cost of a campaign often exceeds the added value that is generated by the campaign itself. How do other profitable AdWords advertisements manage to show off? How do other succeed? One of the most important factors in determining your CPC is the Quality Score, which is determined not only at the keyword but also at the ad group, campaign and account level. The CTR and the relevance of your ads to the keyword are critical. A bad quality score increases your spend per click, lowers your ranking in AdWords, and degrades the performance of your entire account.

Many Google Ads agencies in Europe pay close attention to the bid strategy and the technical aspects of Google Ads, ignoring the creative improvement of ads.

Our approach is unique on the European market because we place a special focus on the interaction between keywords and ads. Often the mistake is made to define many different keywords in an ad group. This usually causes the ads to not fit perfectly with the search queries, which degrades the quality score and the CTR. So you have to put your bids ever higher and get for it less and less qualified visitors.

Improve your Click Through Rate

When we look at an account for potential, the click through rate is one of the most important factors we analyze. A low CTR result in a poor quality score rating and a low impression rate in the search. Ultimately, this will require you to greatly increase your bids to get the results you want.

The cause of a bad click through rate is often to targeting too broad keywords, using too many keywords in an ad group, or inappropriate, to show non-attractive ads. If you are already advertising Google Ads, or are being looked after by an agency, it is advisable to periodically check this metric for the most important keywords.

Broad Match: A No Go in 90% of all cases

The keyword targeting variant "Broad Match" is a bad idea in 90% of all cases. You leave the selection of keywords to the Google algorithm. For an agency or for yourself, the match types broad match, modified broad match and phrase match are seductive, because they save so much time and do not have to laboriously research individual keywords. However, saving time in most cases is not in any positive relation to the additional costs that arise in this way. When hiring an SEA agency, be sure to raise the policy and practice of keyword matching options. A well-run Google Ads account makes an intensive use of Exact Match and little or no use of Broad Match. If you are dissatisfied with the performance of your account, we would recommend that you review the use of match types.

Single Keyword Ad Groups care

The holy grail in SEA optimization and the current trend in the US is called "single keyword ad groups". Ad groups have only one keyword at a time, and perfectly matching ads. The CTR that can be achieved with the help of this labor-intensive method is amazing. Accordingly, the CPC costs can be lowered and the quality score can be significantly improved. The control of your account is more accurate than any other account structure. You can track every penny and you no longer need to rely blindly on your agency or the Google algorithm.

We have improved the gold standard method in the US and can achieve even better results. We will gladly inform you in the course of a telephone call about our unique approach and the potential for the growth of your company.

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