Google Analytics with all features: We help you with the implementation. Your data is your advantage: We will show you how to increase your success rate quickly with the right tracking!

Google Analytics Consulting

How correct is your data? Does your Google Analytics data match your real data? How well do your Google Ads or Facebook Ads match your Google Analytics data? These questions help you to check the accuracy of your data. Often, minor technical issues with the implementation of Google Analytics will result in some of your visitors being assigned to the wrong source or not even being captured.

We help you to correctly implement Google Analytics and to define the actions that are important to you, to capture the data and to interpret the data and to make best practice optimization decisions.

If you would like to increase your conversion rate or get more people to fill in a form, it is necessary to analyze all the steps in the process and above all to collect the data correctly.

We can help you to integrate Google Analytics with Enhanced E-Commerce via GTM or directly on your shop page or track your lead generation page with Google Analytics.

GTM allows us to implement Google Analytics with very little intervention on your part, no matter what kind of system you are currently using.

We are happy to check your existing Google Analytics installation for errors and potential and we are happy to recommend which additional features might make sense in your case.

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