Mobile First: This is the current trend for successful design for the mobile age! Be it responsive design, design for a mobile app or your own mobile portal: we have the right approach for every situation.


We work with the "mobile first approach" and design your website, web app or software in most cases initially for mobile devices. Mobile devices account for the majority of visitors in many industries and at least 50% of visitors in most industries. Therefore, it is important not to create the mobile design retrospectively by adapting a desktop design, but to include it in the overall graphical concept right from the start. Sophisticated mobile design or app design is relatively easy to extend with progressive enhancement depending on the screen size. The reverse approach is much more difficult and delivers significantly worse results, both in the user experience and in the Google search results.

Mobile SEO

An important part of mobile graphic design is SEO. Google bot has now completely switched to "mobile". This means that your page will be rated by Google as it is displayed on a mobile device. If you have design problems or do not meet specific mobile ranking factors, not only will your ranking suffer on mobile, but also on the desktop.

We are happy to help you with your page on all important SEO factors in a detailed SEO study to improve your rankings not only on mobile but also on the desktop. The mobile first approach has also become a reality in the SEO sector. Accordingly, you should also analyze and optimize your website.

Responsive Design or Mobile Website?

Basically, both variants are possible, but lately the approach of responsive design has become the norm. In some situations, however, a mobile website may be necessary or preferable due to certain factors.

We are happy to help you analyze your situation and make the right decision. Not only do we pay attention to the graphic end result, but also to the impact on other areas such as compatibility, Google visibility and conversion rate.

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