We implement your individual software project perfectly scheduled and documented for you. We support you from the planning through the design to the implementation of your idea. We are proud to support many successful startups and many successful companies throughout a product development. We are happy to help you to bring your vision to live!

Individual Software Developement

Individually programmed software has considerable advantages over a SAAS solution. We program your individual web application for you, which is perfectly adapted to your company and your work processes and helps you achieve your goals.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed our own innovative software development process that has proven itself across technology over the years.

The specification provides the greatest return

Our formula for success is simple: we pay particular attention to the specification and try to put the requirements on paper in as much detail as possible before writing even one line of code. As you probably know, subsequent changes to already started or completed projects are often costly. Sometimes the desired change can not be made at all because the system architecture was not designed with this feature in mind. Another problem that causes most software projects to go beyond budget is that through misconception work will be done multiple times or redundant work becomes a real issue due to miscommunication and lack of planning. This problems can apply to the programming as well as to the design of your software and project. We have the solution at hand. We are not only building, but we are also planning and designing the outcome of any project or software development thoroughly, this way we can clearly offer our services for a very competitive price with a very low failure rate.

We help you to quickly, informally and un-bureaucratically define your desired software perfectly, so that misunderstandings can be excluded from the outset. Afterwards, the interface is sketched, so that you have the opportunity to make favorable changes to the planned functionality before the design is created. Often, contradictions or errors in the concept are only visible when the interface is viewed. The timing on when you will see the interface, is a huge influencer in terms of implementation costs or error-rates in regards to the whole project.

Individual, graphic design for your individual application

Even for internally-used applications, it's important to stick to your organization's CI and ensure a positive user experience. After all, the perception of your brand and the communication of your values ​​internally among your own employees is very important. In addition, a good user experience eases the workload and relieves the user cognitively, resulting in improved employee performance. The more intuitive your application, the faster your customers or employees can start working without the need for extensive training and documentation. The more pleasant the graphical implementation and handling of your software, the more often it will be used.

We are a reliable partner for startups

We turn your disruptive vision into reality in no time. We are proud to have helped many startups achieve success with the first version of their software product.

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