Our simple editorial system is fast, secure and easy to understand. Big all-rounder CMS offer with many functions, but also major challenges in support and security. It's different with us - we take responsibility!

Content Management System with Professional Support

With us you get a real editorial system that is optimized for websites like yours and does not aim to provide everything, but to save you time and money.

Wordpress, Typo3, Joomla, Drupal and other popular CMS systems

Over the past few years, we have implemented many projects with the major players in the CMS area. Each system offers its own advantages and disadvantages, choosing the right system according to your specific needs is the beginning of every website. We are happy to advise you which system would suit you best. In general, Wordpress is very popular with our customers thanks to its many plugins, themes and very well developed page builders. The easy-to-use CMS system offers great added value, especially for companies that want to enter content themselves, landing pages and new content.

Although we have a lot of experience with Wordpress and are impressed by the variety of available plugins and themes, we always recommend the use of Wordpress and alternatives wisely and not without looking into possible alternatives upfront.

Large, open source editorial system that are used by millions of websites have two critical issues:

1. Security, Hacking & Spam

No other CMS is under attack from hackers like Wordpress. Since the system is used by many millions of websites, it is the most attractive target for hackers to uncover and exploit security flaws in this system. This risk can be minimized (but not completely avoided) by dispense with third party plugins and templates and keep your Wordpress version meticulously up to date. This, however, reduces the benefits of Wordpress.

2. Support and individuality

A WordPress site that uses multiple external plugins and was created on an external theme is basically dependent on the support of multiple agencies that are often distributed around the world. The customization of your page is also difficult. Often, external plugins and themes can not be customized enough without compromising future compatibility. The cost of page-speed optimizations when using external plugins too much, quickly outweighs the cost-benefit ratio. Unfortunately, far too often, one or more existing plugins are used instead of an individual, slim solution. The often asked question: How many plugins should you use at most? - is basically reasonable but in our experience, it depends more on the quality of the plugins and their interaction, as on the amount. Our record in taking over an existing Wordpress website was at 56 plugins ... YES, that was too many.

Our alternative solution: An individual CMS from a single source with professional support

We offer our in-house developed, mature editorial system, which contains no external plugins for a fair price. Very successful projects have already been implemented with our editorial system and the benefits in terms of safety and simplicity are obvious in every project from day one. You benefit from an existing high-performance basic framework, which we individually expand and adapt to meet your needs.

We are able to properly and safely implement Wordpress and other well-known open source systems for you, but we'll show you how to benefit from the simplicity and, above all, the safety of our own innovative system tailored to your needs.

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