Apps with millions of downloads have one thing in common: A stable system architecture and flawless implementation. We help you to build your ambitious, mobile project in a stable way, with a view to your future growth.

App Developement for Android and iOS

We develop mobile applications for renowned companies and organizations and can reliably support you in complex, individual, ambitious projects. Our backend and frontend specialists have the necessary knowledge to implement your app from technical specification to publishing in the app stores true to specification and pixel-perfect. We are not only able to implement a perfect, high-performance interface for you, but also to design and implement the system architecture and all backend functionalities with regard to performance and scalability.

When developing mobile applications, the initial launch is especially important. When it flops, it is very difficult to reverse the negative perception even if problems are corrected over time. That's why it's important to start with a complete, mature product that not only works on all "common" devices, but also performs on less frequently used devices. We know from our experience that compromises in functionality and compatibility with the launch of an app must be kept to an absolute minimum in order to make the most of the momentum of your marketing efforts. The launch of an app is usually associated with a marketing offensive, which often starts even before the launch of the app, which makes adherence to deadlines critical for the project's success. We are happy to assist you in promoting your app to generate downloads, as well as in optimizing your App for the App Store Search Engine (ASO - App Search Optimization).

Contact us today for a non-binding conversation in which we would like to share our knowledge and our experience with you, so that your project is already successful at launch and not only at the relaunch.

Native app development vs. Hybrid app development vs. Web Apps

Basically we can offer you all variants: Native App Development for Android and iOS over hybrid solutions, which are mainly native, but also use HTML Web Views, up to 100% HTML and JavaScript based solutions. Which variant is the best depends on your requirements. We want to emphasize that there are no "right" and "wrong" ways, because all technologies and methods have different pros and cons in different situations. In recent years, the React Framework has proven to be particularly effective. Which technology you should choose depends very much on the programming team. Agencies with little development resources and little experience in React and similar specialized frameworks often argue that development in Java and C + would have advantages over hybrid development, although Java and C + development are many times more expensive in every case. Our developers, on the other hand, have a strong technical background in modern technologies and have many years of development experience with React and other state-of-the-art technologies. This is a tremendous benefit that allows us to make useful quotes for native / hybrid programming in React that would not be possible for other agencies that have limited themselves to Java and C +. At the same time, experienced programmers usually recognize the advantages of HTML and Javascript. The flexibility and cost efficiency that is thus enabled is hard to achieve with older approaches that are 100% native. It should be remembered that even with the use of React, many important elements are still native. Therefore, we do not believe that native development automatically delivers a better user experience and justifies the multiple times higher costs. Especially not when the budget is limited and a deadline is to be reliably adhered to. Often we are able to offer app development, on better terms, than classic, native app development from other agencies that do not have a strong Javascript and React focus.

App Marketing: Generate more app downloads through app application

Your app will not download itself. Behind every viral app, which is downloaded millions of times, is a coordinated marketing campaign. We'll show you how to make your app visible and increase your downloads. Especially when launching an app, it is critical to use the momentum and the hype and strengthen it with the right marketing measures. Where and how your app should be promoted depends on your audience. We'll help your app make sense of advertising through your own channels using app interstitials and overlays, without compromising your Google ranking or impacting the user experience. Depending on what opt-ins and data are available to you, we can also help you to advertise your app via email or even via SMS.

When applying your app, it is important to use app-specific marketing know-how, because the application of an app can not be compared with the application of a website. We often see how even large companies advertise apps in an inappropriate way, resulting in a very high CPI (cost per install).

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