We respect water

Pureco Kft.

Pureco considers it its mission to provide everyone with clean drinking water. Therefore, equipment is provided in all areas of water treatment to make wastewater clean again and safe for the environment. Our task is to create a unified image and a common online system for the company and its subsidiaries.

"We design, build, operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment facilities with dedication and professionalism. We work in the areas of drinking water treatment, municipal and industrial wastewater and landfill washing, rainwater treatment and air treatment, respecting the environment, whether it is natural or urban. Pureco and its partners firmly believe that the best solution can be achieved through strong collaboration."



  • Custom system design and development
  • Linking websites to a central control system that can manage the content of subsidiaries in a unified way.

Requirements /

  • Corporate identity design
  • System design
  • Custom development
  • Frontend works

Specification and system design

Preparation of the work

In the first step, we developed the specification together with Pureco and prepared the system design based on the finalized description. The main task was to standardize the products and references of the subsidiaries and make them easy to use. In addition, the parent company wanted easy overview of the content of the subsidiary pages. In the present development, the army of the work was image design. Fortunately, this was solved by Tamás Walter. He agreed with the customer, drew the page designs, updated the logo, drew the icons (for turning, milling, EDM and everything else). He made his final plans for the content manager and handed us the materials for execution.



The task

was not only the daughter-side, mother-side connection, connection and control mentioned above, but in addition, 3D rendered products, scrolling animations and the simplest possible handling of everything had to be implemented in the admin interface. Finally, we solved the upload by uploading a zip file. Once uploaded, everything is done by the CMS in the background. However, even a large file upload had to be allowed to be optimized in the background so that the user did not have to download 80 megabytes when loading the page. We had a lot of tasks but we were happy to do it. Finally, we successfully completed the project. Thank you for choosing us.