Love Affair

Love Affair

LOVE AFFAIR is an Austrian fashion brand. They had been on the market for a long time when we met, but they didn’t have an online appearance yet. We have been given the task of designing and building the brand's online appearance, communication direction and last but not least, developing its webshop.

"Love Affair symbolizes fashion with spirit. Easy to wear basics, joyful prints, fine fabrics and vibrant colors will leave you longing for more and more. Sustainability, the highest quality and handmade with love are our values and the fundamental building blocks of our company."



  • Image design, communication
  • Webshop design and development
  • Photography
  • Search engine marketing support

Requirements /

  • Custom development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Frontend works
  • Webshop development
  • PHP

First phase

Structural plan

The goal was to strengthen the fashion brand’s brand and online presence. The brand has previously been present in the Austrian market, but only offline. The webshop and its appearance had to be aligned with the existing elements of the brand and complement the image where necessary.

Structural plan
Style concept

Second phase

Style concept

The new elements had to be brought into line with the existing image elements, and a unique look that could be used well in the online space had to be found.


Webshop development

After the image was created and finalized, the webshop was developed. Most of the task was with our front-end colleague. He had to work out the designed custom graphics and small details perfectly so that the end result would not be an average webshop. The attention to detail has made this site truly unique.

Love Affair