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Hegymenet Club

Hegymenet Club is a non - profit association for social catering. In addition to helping those in need, they also provide menus. You can choose from several menu types, set the days on which the customer requests lunch

"The result of a team’s work is always more than the sum of their individual accomplishments. We believe that only by working together, fighting for one goal, trusting in the other can we achieve real results. We are proud to be able to work in unity and harmony for the success of our Clients!"



  • Custom system design and development
  • Linking websites to a central control system that displays advertisements according to the set parameters in the appropriate zones.
  • Automated statistics and reporting

Requirements /

  • Specification writing
  • System design
  • Custom development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Frontend works


Preparation of the work

The first step was to write the plan. We prepared the specification together with the customer in order to declare the work to be performed. And so that both parties know exactly what the job contains, what software needs to be made.

System design

System design

Software design

We designed the software based on the specification. To this was added a lot of paper-based material that we had to digitize with the new system. In other words, we had to see when it would be necessary to fill in and generate what kind of document, what connections there were between the documents and finally we had to generate various reports on the monthly activities of the association. That was the hardest part of the job. We had to get to know the client’s work so we could help it in the future and deliver usable software when the job was done.


In this work, development was already child's play

The programming work went almost by itself after we got past the specification and system design. Our developers have made tremendous strides and we have done well with the software on time. The client also named the software and we liked it very much because everything is included. SKILL

Hegymenet Klub