Blue Colibri International Kft.

We took over the development of the application for corporate communication from the previous development team. The goal was to add new elements to the application, and we had to implement these new needs and improve performance.

"The Blue Colibri App is the first interface developed in Hungary to support commitment, organizational learning and internal communication. Simple, powerful, measurable platform for both mobile and desktop versions. A modular solution that can be tailored to the company and its needs."



  • Application development
  • Easy installation solution
  • Facilitate the management of modules
  • Increase application performance

Requirements /

  • System design
  • React
  • Frontend works
  • Backend

Software delivery


The first step was to get to know the exact environment, the code, and what the app and Bluecolibriapp actually do. The former development team helped a lot in this. The takeover was relatively smooth but it still took time for us to get to know the system well. As soon as our developers moved confidently in the given environment, the implementation of larger tasks and developments could begin.


The task

Continuous expansion of the system with new features. In addition, it needs to be resolved so that many small stand-alone system updates can be resolved easily and quickly and the same version running everywhere. The system is constantly being expanded with new features so we always find challenges at work. We feel that the Bluecolibri and SRG group teams complement each other well so we can create a great product. Thank you for working on this fantastic project.

Blue Colibri App