4S-2000 / Manufacture of machinery and parts of machinery


4S-2000 Kft. is a machine and machine parts manufacturer in Nyíregyháza. The company works with more than 110 cutting machines, including state-of-the-art CNC machines. The company has an extensive fleet of machines, which includes a simultaneous five-axis CNC machining center, a Y-axis driven tool CNC lathe, a CNC grinder, a wire and block CNC EDM machine, a CNC edge bender, a chemical tanner, a paint booth and a welding machine.

"How to design a unique and outstanding image and website for a mechanical engineering company, how to make it exciting and attractive? Our excellent graphic partner Tamás Walter gave an incredibly creative solution to this question. He tossed up the page with unique icons and designed a beautifully structured transparent page."



  • Creating new corporate identity design
  • Introducing an easy-to-use content manager that can display large amounts of content so that the visitor can easily find the machine or machine part they need.

Requirements /

  • Corporate identity design
  • Unique graphics
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • SEO

Face design

Waist of work

In the current development, the work force was image design. Fortunately, this was solved by Tamás Walter. Agreed with the customer, drew the page designs, updated the logo, drew the icons (for turning, milling, EDM and everything else). He made his final plans for the content manager and handed us the materials for execution.


Frontend and Backend development

Appearance and server engine structure, interconnection. What required outstanding attention in this work was the pixel-point structure of the designed graphic design based on the content structure and the graphic design. The content manager itself was not a challenge, but loading and structuring the amount of content was already. Look at the finished page, it's worth it, because you rarely find such good material on CNC machines.